Primp & Style

I made it clear from the start “No pink. No ruffles. I didn’t want a “girly girl”.” My mommy friends knew better. They simply smiled and let life happen. Reality would make itself known. That reality, of course, being that I could never make my child what I wanted her to be. She is her own person, with her own, strong-willed mind. Ultimately, I love what my girl loves. She adores the color pink. She loves a twirly dress. And she loves going through mommy’s make-up drawer.

That’s okay.

She’s the adventurous, fearless & yes, tomboyish girl I dreamed about. She just does it in style!

I captured these images one random morning. I was organizing laundry in my closet & she was hanging out at mommy’s sink, getting ready to tackle the world.

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