This Place Looks Old

I didn’t really know how the kids would react to being in a foreign country. Would they appreciate the differences or remember the small experiences? Or would they complain about being away from the comforts of home.

It was with a mix of relief & pride when my 6 year old looked at me and said “Mommy, this place looks old”. She said it, not in judgment, but in fascination and observation.

It was very early in the morning when I took this photo. The city was just coming to life in Venice, Italy. She looked on as people walked their dogs & read their papers over pastries.

It remains one of her favorite places we’ve visited for the pizza and the boys singing on boats. Her time in the classroom can’t touch the immeasurable experiences she walked away with.

Visit the piazzas of Venice, Italy

Do You Have a Quarter?

Well, now, there’s something you don’t see every day. We came across these telephone booths at the campground, nestled among the redwoods. My kids asked “What is it?” I told them that you put a quarter in to make a telephone call. My daughter looked at me a little crazy. My son asked “Do you have a quarter?”

Oh the treasures they’ll never know or understand.

Gualala Point Regional Park - Camping for families in Northern California

Dance Like No One is Watching

This is often the scene when these two are together. She is expressive, theatrical and always dancing to the beat of her own drum. He observes with a combination of adoration, fascination & confusion.

She goes on and dances like no one is watching.

Primp & Style

I made it clear from the start “No pink. No ruffles. I didn’t want a “girly girl”.” My mommy friends knew better. They simply smiled and let life happen. Reality would make itself known. That reality, of course, being that I could never make my child what I wanted her to be. She is her own person, with her own, strong-willed mind. Ultimately, I love what my girl loves. She adores the color pink. She loves a twirly dress. And she loves going through mommy’s make-up drawer.

That’s okay.

She’s the adventurous, fearless & yes, tomboyish girl I dreamed about. She just does it in style!

I captured these images one random morning. I was organizing laundry in my closet & she was hanging out at mommy’s sink, getting ready to tackle the world.

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